Let's Fish

Genre: Simulation

Ready to embark on an exciting adventure into the world of fishing across 40 global locations swarming with over 400 species of fish? Let’s Fish has all of that and plenty more! Start with a simple wooden rod with a line and a rusty hook that will let you catch a few crappies, then advance to pro-level fishing techniques, such as spinning, feeder fishing, fly-fishing, trolling and many more to land great trophies like giant salmon, trout, sturgeon, large-mouth bass, walleye and pike. As you gain experience, you will be unlocking new types of equipment, tackle, lures, and new picturesque locations. But that’s not all – as you earn experience with every fish landed and trophy won, you’ll be able to level up your skills in one of the three skill trees to become better in particular angling disciplines!

Here are the key features of the game:

  • Over 400 fish species in 40 locations across 6 continents
  • Wide selection of fishing equipment, including lures, reels, rods, lines, bait and much more
  • Colorful graphics and well thought through navigation
  • AnchorGain experience and level up your fishing skills to become a real pro!
  • A personal fishing encyclopedia to fill as you land more trophies, including the most exotic ones
  • Purchase vehicles and special licenses to unlock ultimate fishing locations

Let’s Fish offers the ultimate fishing experience on your PC coupled with colorful graphics and an immersive atmosphere, so waste no time and go catch that fish!

game rating: 5

9 Comments on Let's Fish

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buzzwertz8 days ago
if you fish it fun!!!
99378131 month ago
this is such a great game love it!!!!
tbmims7 months ago
this look cool
Becca7 months ago
this is a great game, you should try it !
brandonkishwalk8 months ago
this game if fun